SBTB: Senior Year 



Not so hot for teacher
It's Freaky Friday time at Bayside, as the students become teachers and Zack becomes principal. Unfortunately, this involves way too much of Kelly being bitchy and Slater being...well, Slater, and not nearly enough of Belding's office decorated with Paula Abdul posters.

Iowa: the land of farmers' daughters...and Slater
When Slater and his dad have a difference of opinion over Slater's college plans, Zack attempts to fix things by scaring off a West Point rep with a black mulleted wig. But when Belding gets wind of things, he sets up a fake court martial in his office. Ah, how one longs for simpler times, when these things could be solved with just a fake grenade. Elsewhere, Jessie freaks out in predictable Jessie fashion, only she seems to have replaced caffeine pills with food, which isn't nearly as much fun.

You can call me Albert Clifford
Based on the highly scientific results of a Completely Implausible Science Project called the "Love Machine," Jessie flies into a jealous rage that gives Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction a run for her money. Yet somehow she still ends up with Slater. I guess those two aren't ready to get rid of their beards just yet.

Punky-a! Power-a!
Screech strikes it rich with his spaghetti sauce, which allows him to buy a lot of pretty things (like gold watches and mismatched socks) for Punky Brewster and allows the rest of the gang to showcase an entirely different genre of really bad accents. The fun comes to an end, however, when a lawyer from the Betsy Crocker cookbook threatens to sue the gang for stealing the recipe. Betsy Crocker? Looks like the SBTB writers are no stranger to lawsuits themselves.

What's a fashion show without a drag queen?
Secrets are revealed as the gang helps Lisa throw together a fashion show to impress a college recruiter. Lisa and Zack have the hots for each other! There really are oak trees at Bayside (or at least there's another reference to them)! And Jessie's really a man!

Patterned Sweaters, Fake Hair, and Leafblowers: Senior Year at Bayside High
Zack's homework (which somehow gets sucked up by Slater's leafblower), Belding's fake hair and some yummy red punch are all casualties of Slater and Zack's battle over the completely mediocre new girl in school.

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